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Kennel Cough Warning!!
We have seen a lot of cases of Canine cough/Kennel cough recently in our Greystones practice. Kennel cough is characterised by a harsh hacking or retching type cough. It is particularly common when dogs meet, such as during a walk, in boarding kennels or rescue centres. It can even spread in situations where dogs are just socialising, such as training classes or dog shows. We would strongly recommend you vaccinate your dog against this disease if not currently vaccinated, and keep your dog well away from any other coughing dogs, as even with the vaccine they can pick up a mild strain of the disease. 
Kennel Cough vaccination is done at a discount in our practices if given at the same time as the annual vaccine, and lasts 12 months once given! 
Give us a call on 01 2872099 or (Bray) 01 2829589 to book in for this vaccination, or if you suspect your dog may have Kennel Cough.